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Lenten Assignment: Uplifting Song


As I mentioned in the last post on this blog, my church handed out a calendar of daily spiritual practices for Lenth this year. Today's "assignment" is to listen to a song that uplifts me and share with someone why. I figured I'd interpret "someone" as "anyone who reads what I post online" today. I also went for a bit of "extra credit" and have two songs for you today. I've been on a female-fronted rock/metal kick even more than usual lately, so I have two songs of that genre for you.

The first song in question is a newer one from Battle Beast, and it's helped a lot by its video. I really love the symbolic imagery around scars in the video. The whole thing is about overcoming hardships and breaking out of unhealthy coping mechanisms. There's a bit of Judeo-Christian redemptive imagery in the lyrics, too, which will never go amiss with me. You can see the video here.

The second one is by Kobra and the Lotus. I have to confess, it was really hard to pick from their catalog, because so many songs fit the criteria. "My Immortal," "Light me Up," "Prevail," "Velvet Roses," and their version of "The Chain," all would have been solid contenders, but I ultimately settled on "Modern Day Hero" because I find the lyrics as inspiring as I do uplifting. The whole message of the song is "look at the good those before you have done, then go and do likewise." How can you not love that? You can listen to the song here. (As an added bonus, Kobra seems to be channeling a bit of middle-era James Hetfield as she's singing, which is kinda cool.)


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