Inspired by a number of other folks I know doing the same thing, I've decided to do a "friends and family" playthrough of XCOM 2. I'm using a number of additional class mods, so if you play XCOM 2 yourself and see something that doesn't look like it's in the base game - it's not!



Mission Report: Operation Shadow Walk

Starting Personnel: Christian Kelman, Todd Branson, Nicki Martin, Jenny Dickson, Tyler Denning, SPARK-001

Additional Personnel: None

Mission Summary: A hostile extraction on an ADVENT VIP took a turn for the comical when ADVENT, in their infinite wisdom, decided to drop a squad into a position that left them surrounded by XCOM operatives, and then the squad, instead of surrendering, attempted to charge with predictable, brief, and fatal results. The only injuries were from shrapnel when an ADVENT MEC got a single shot off with its back-mounted gun before being destroyed by Todd's sniper rifle.

Casualties: Tyler Denning (wounded), SPARK-001 (damaged)

Promotions: none


Mission Report: Operation Dragon Stank

Starting Personnel: Christian Kleman, Jenny Dickson, SPARK-001, Tyler Denning, Todd Branson, Nicki martin

Additional Peronnel: Adam Sankey, Alex Saputo, Ray Gibbs

Mission Summary: An ADVENT assault on what they no doubt expected to be a terrified resistance colony turned into a massive pitched battle as both sides kept throwing reinforcements at the field. The better-trained and better-equipped XCOM operatives were able to organize the more modestly equipped and vulnerable (but no less courageous!) resistance forces into an organized defense and ADVENT's forces were shredded in a well-orchestrated crossfire. To put icing on the cake, the team skulljacked an ADVENT officer and then promptly dispatched the Codex that appeared before it has the chance to go on the offensive.

Casualties: Christian Kleman (wounded), Jenny Dickson (Wounded), SPARK-001 (damaged), Todd Branson (wounded)

Promotions: Christian Kleman (Major), SPARK-001 (fully developed), Tyler Denning (Colonel), Nicki Martin (Major)


Mission Report: Operation Ice Hand

Starting Personnel: Nicki Martin, Tyler Denning, Jenny Dickson, Christian Kleman, SPARK-001, Todd Branson

Additional Personnel: n/a

Mission Summary: The veteran squad, back in the saddle, showed ADVENT that they truly have something to fear. Sent in to protect a data tap, they ripped through the defending ADVENT forces like they were made of wet tissue paper. ADVENT suffered 100% casualties and the team didn't suffer a scratch.

Casualties: none

Promotions: Jenny Dickson (colonel)


Mission Report: Operation Perilous Smoke

Starting Personnel: Daniel Krenzke, Grant Woodward, Krissi Woodward, Kevin Czarnecki, Silas Humphreys, Peter Martin

Additional Personnel: Mikel Matthews, Ashton Troia, 2 KIA resistance fighters.

Mission Summary: A mission to extract a friendly VIP went horribly wrong when one of Vahlen's escaped experiments, a massively-augmented berserker appeared in the middle of the mission area and knocked two squad members (Grant and Kevin) unconscious before escaping through a psionic portal. Seeing the carnage, a local resistance cell in street clothes and armed with scavenged assault rifles joined the fight, losing two of their number, but buying the XCOM team critical moments to regroup. In the end, the mission was a success, albeit a costly one, and the two surviving resistance fighters extracted with the grateful XCOM team, two of whom (Daniel and Krissi) heroically carried their unconscious comrades to safety.

Casualties: Entire team wounded, 2 resistance fighters KIA

Promotions: Daniel Krenzke (Corporal), Krissi Woodward (Corporal), Silas Humphreys (Lieutenant)



Mission Report: Operation Gilded Crown

Starting Personnel: Daniel Krenzke, Jennifer Gray, Kevin Czarnecki, Peter Martin, SPARK-001, Krissi Woodward

Additional Personnel: n/a

Mission Summary: The resistance hit another ADVENT supply train and command made the decision to send  some of the troops that had seen less recent action out to keep their skills sharp. Once again, ADVENT's ground forces proved a poor match for XCOM's finest, and the contents of the train have been transferred to the Avenger.

Casualties: Jennifer Gray (wounded), SPARK-001 (damaged)

Promotions: Jennifer Gray (Sergeant), Kevin Czarnecki (Sergeant), SPARK-001, Peter Martin (Lieutenant)